Sexual Violence Prevention Week / by Sarah Schwartz

Last month, Biola University's Student Development Office dedicated a week of programming to educating our community about the epidemic of sexual violence on college campuses, in our nation, and across the globe. I had the privilege of working on the task force behind the events, and was blown away by the candor, grace, and wisdom of our speakers, as well as the actions taken by our community to address these injustices.

Below, you'll find Professor LaDawn Johnson discussing the tale of Dinah in Genesis 34, Amy Buckley examining the prevalence of abuse in Christian homes, as well as how we ought to respond, Eugene Hung, on the ways men can best understand and combat gender violence, and Dr. & Mrs. Noreen Muehlhoff, on cultivating healthy relationships in an age of abuse.

I hope you'll take a listen, and wrestle with how you might serve as a beacon of light and hope in your community, because as one of our student leaders said before Professor Johnson took the stage, there are countless people around you who are desperate for someone to understand and care about the stories behind these statistics.

(If you are a survivor of sexual assault in need of resources, please click here for confidential and swift support.)