Rules (Stories From Exile) / by Sarah Schwartz

If you haven't heard, Nish Weiseth is back in business with Stories From Exile, a writer's collaborative bringing you stories written by outsiders in Christianity, politics, and culture. This project has already been a balm to my soul during these trying times, and I can't wait to see where it goes. Head on over, and check out my latest piece, Rules.


Keep your legs shut, you are only as good

as the parts you keep covered up

only as pure as what hasn’t been

touched, won’t you tell me again

the rules for my body?


Tell me how I should

be treated with respect, unless

a Supreme Court Justice is on the table

until, you have to treat them like shit

won a primary,


just locker room talk became the

unrepentant prayer that covered

a multitude of sins.

(Catch the rest of the poem over at Stories From Exile!)